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special guest author brad KrAuse on self care...

Would you like to feel and look better without going to a lot of extra trouble? A solid self-care regimen is crucial for ensuring your mental and physical well-being, yet we often overlook the simplest of strategies. Read on for easy lifestyle additions you don’t want to miss.

Embrace Beautiful You

While beauty is truly skin-deep, many people feel unattractive regardless of their outward appearance. Psychology Today points out there is a psychological element involved, and by improving youbeauty self-esteem, you can boost your confidence and overall attitude.  

Health and grooming weigh heavily into the equation, so search out quality beauty and styling products to bring out your one-of-a-kind good looks! You might just be surprised at how much better you feel. There is a huge variety out there, so rather than investing in products that don’t suit you or are lower quality, read some reviews to find the best selection. Another idea is to try a new hairstyle. Loving your haircut appears to increase confidence and make you feel great!

Catch Enough Zs

Do you tend to set aside sleep for other pursuits? The traditional “beauty sleep” can potentially have you looking better, helping to smooth your skin and reduce bags under your eyes. But beyond adding to your beauty self-esteem, sufficient slumber offers key health benefits. As Healthline explains, getting enough sleep can improve weight control, raise your productivity, and help you stay focused on tasks. It lowers your risk for health problems like heart disease and stroke, and can even amp up your athletic performance.

There are some simple tricks to improve your sleep quality. Consider doing some journaling before you turn in since writing out your thoughts can help clear your mind and process concerns. Doing some meditation exercises before bed is another easy way to quiet your mind and body. And last but not least, some studies indicate shutting off electronics prior to bedtime appears to help improve sleep quality.  

Be More Active

You’re probably aware that fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It seems being sedentary can lead to a variety of serious health concerns, like cancer, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. What’s more, sitting for long periods appears to be a contributing factor, even if you head to the gym regularly. It’s important to break up those sedentary hours with more activity. However, if you’re busy, how do you work in a workout?  

To incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, it’s important to change how you view fitness. Rather than thinking of activity as strictly what you do in the gym, think of it as what you do where you are. Stand up while you’re on the phone, or take the stairs when coming and going. If you have a desk job, walk to your team members instead of emailing or calling them.  

When it comes to a full-blown workout, choose something you love. Options abound, and many are beginner-friendly, such as yoga, cycling, or volleyball. Consider connecting with a friend, since having a workout buddy can be motivational and fun.  

Make Time for Friends

Staying socially active might seem like an incidental concern during adulthood, but the Boston Globe notes that time with friends is important to your well-being throughout life. It can affect your physical wellness in many ways, influencing blood pressure, body mass index, and levels of inflammation. Mentally, people who lack sufficient social interaction appear to be more at risk for stress, loneliness, and depression. Improving your social life can potentially mean living a healthier, happier, and longer life.  

Adding simple self-care strategies to your lifestyle can make a world of difference in how you look and feel. Embrace your unique beauty, get enough sleep, stay active, and connect with friends to raise the bar on your self-care regimen. You’re worth it!

Brad Krause