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Yoga and Wellness 

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Ready for your First Class?

These general guidelines will help you feel more comfortable when entering an unfamiliar setting.  They are based on common sense and courtesy, but deal with issues that are specific to yoga classes and studios.

What Should I bring?

We pride ourselves on being a full-service studio. we provide mats, fresh towels, blocks, blankets, straps & lavender eye pillows for student use. If you have your own mat you might prefer to bring it to class.  Please dress in comfortable clothing that breathes and allows you to move freely.  You might also want to bring a bottle for water, especially to our more challenging classes.

Studio Y

Yoga Etiquette

Please remove your shoes; this reminds us that the studio space is sacred and also helps to keep the studio floors clean.

Turn off your cell phone.  Electronic devices are disruptive to class; please silence them and please do not place on vibrate.

Arrive on time.  If you are running late, please enter the studio quietly and take a seat on the floor.  We will adjust mats and set you up after our period of silence is over.

Respect the Teacher and fellow students.  Our studio is a place of acceptance and encouragement.  Please keep your comments positive and uplifting.

Keep variations appropriate.  You are not required to do every pose; if a pose does not feel right in your body please rest in Child's Pose or take a comfortable seated position.  Go at your own pace and respect your body.

Don't skip Savasana!  Your final relaxation period is an important part of your practice.

If you use studio mats, please spray with cleaner and wipe off following use.

And finally...

Remember that Yoga is a journey.  Where you are today is where you are supposed to be; comparing yourself to other students is unproductive.